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If you want to learn how to get your girlfriend to swallow, you must first learn the reasons they won't swallow. There are few things more pleasurable in the bedroom than watching your girl take your sperm and happily gulp it all with a naughty smile. It's best to communicate your orgasm to your woman as it comes. Cum Swallowing Phobia Annika. Age: 26. I travel for business My bf has the case of chunky, thick, salty, very pungent chlorine mass volume cum. Jul 20, - Just enjoy what you have in the moment. If she does happen to let you cum in her mouth, don't get all worked up about whether it was a spit or swallow experience either. Just say it was great and you loved it and love her. Then kiss her. Related posts: How To Get Your Wife To Wear Lingerie Part 2: Do You. Joyce. Age: 29. I am a very Voluptuous BBW I’m Addicted To Swallowing My Boyfriend’s Sperm And It’s Affected Our Relationship Nov 16, - We'd certainly rather be binging Netflix than swallowing, but what if you loved swallowing so much it affected your entire relationship? I feel bad because I have a boyfriend but I'm always giving in to temptation and I go out to find random guys to let me swallow their c*m and my boyfriend has no idea. Jun 10, - All Christian sex bloggers eventually get around to the question: should a wife swallow her husband's semen? As usual, the answer is “if Even though it's your mouth, refusing to swallow is basically the same as insisting that your husband wear a condom when you have intercourse. On the flip side, when.

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Stormy. Age: 19. I do outcall in the Dallas Fort Worth area Yes, she does, and she loves it even more than I could have imagined. This is my second marriage, my first wife used to swallow to and did seem to enjoy quite at lot in the beginning. Apparently as time passed her sexual drive diminished and the prospect of swallowing my cum was not fun anymore, so she started spitting. Apr 23, - Some girls just don't like swallowing cum. I hated it when i did and was almost sick. You can't make your wife do anything she doesn't want to and your going to have to respect that and find something else to do. Cum doesn't taste that nice to all girls so just take that in mind when you are trying to ask her to. Jun 28, - Click here to get it. Learning how to swallow cum at the end of a blow job is an interesting topic. For some women, the thought is terrifying, while others find the idea both erotic and fun. .. You'd enjoy getting your cock blown, any man would love seeing his cock getting swallowed by his woman. Reply.


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