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“Not tonight, honey — I have a headache.” Has this cliché been used in your household recently (and don't think it's just the ladies — we know there are plenty of gents using this excuse, too!) Well, we've got news for you: There are plenty of reasons to never use this excuse again, especially on such a romantic holiday as. Sex may be a natural way to treat migraines, cluster headaches - CBS News Chanell. Age: 20. je suis une belle femme de 25 ans, une couqine francaise Be the First to Comment! Mar 6, - Having sex may be the solution to curing a splitting headache. Researchers from the University of Munster in Germany have found that sexual activity was successful in treating migraines in 60 percent sufferers and in one-third of patients with cluster headaches. "Our data suggest that sexual activity can. Doris. Age: 29. 100% real and recent pix!! Why sex is a 'better headache cure rather than painkillers' Mar 5, - Sex may relieve migraine pain for some people who suffer from the intense headaches, new research suggests. The finding, published in the March issue of the journal Cephalalgia, found that sexual activity relieved the pain of migraines or cluster headaches, severe, one-sided recurring head pains, for up. Mar 8, - But headaches aren't the only thing sex cures; here are six more: Cramps: Having sex can help with period pain. Orgasms cause the uterine muscles to contract and release brain chemicals that act as a natural pain reliever, immediately relieving menstrual cramps. Colds: Regular sex has also been shown.

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Nicole. Age: 21. Are you ready for a true ?? to change your world? Well here's your chance to FINALLY meet me! ?? Sep 29, - Spending time between the sheets isn't just about orgasms. Sex can unleash a host of benefits for your mind and body beyond just simple pleasure. Should you need any extra convincing to get your freak on, we've found 14 Unexpected Benefits of Sex which are sure to inspire you knock boots much more. Feb 11, - Meanwhile, a significant number of migraine sufferers actually get relief from the sex headache cure, while others experience sex headaches. If exertion and being touched aren't too irritating to you, it's worth a try, and it can easily be done in the darkness. (All the better for disguising that you're not looking.


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