Prolonged worked penetration greases

penetration, n—of lubricating grease, the depth that the standard cone (see A), enters the sample when released to fall under its own weight for 5 s. penetrometer, n—an instrument (see Fig. 1) designed to measure the depth to which the standard cone falls into the grease. prolonged worked penetration. EI | IP Determination of cone penetration of lubricating grease Kleio. Age: 28. Consider me for gfe,dinner dates,foot fetish,couples... In temperature extremes low or high , a grease that utilizes a synthetic base oil will offer better stability. lubricants work is unknown to most people. As long as the speeds were low, simple vegetable oils or fats, sometimes even crushed greases. The use of the cone penetration test method to measure the consistency of lubricating greases and to try to find correlation to the actual rheological behaviour of a product is like. Katherine. Age: 18. READ MY REVIEWS FOR A FEELING OF THE THE REAL ME Consider Consistency When Selecting Grease onE oF THE Main GoaLS in ManuFacTuRinG is to make the same prod- uct the same way to the same specifications—or consistently con- sistent. In the case of one of the properties of grease products, we strive to manufacture grease to a consistently consistent consistency. Sound like I'm playing with you? Perhaps. the subject grease in a penetrometer during a specified period of time. Cone penetration tests provide one measure of the consistency of a grease. ASTM D describes the methods for testing the consistency of lubricating greases in several states: • unworked penetration. • worked penetration. • prolonged worked.

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Alexia. Age: 23. I am sweet, down to earth and an intelligent young lady. This method is more reliable than unworked penetration, because the disturbance of the grease is standardized by the prescribed working process. A significant difference between unworked and worked penetration can indicate poor shear stability — and indicate a need for further evaluation by prolonged working or roll. Feb 14, - Purpose Determine the consistency and NLGI grade of a lubricating grease. Brief Description A cone of specified weight is allowed to fall into a lubricating grease sample at 25C. The depth of the cone, in tenths of a millimeter, identifies. The instructions f o r standard working call for 60 double strokes [18]. Prolonged working may amount to , strokes or more. Table gives data by Woods and Trowbridge [ showing the effect of prolonged working on penetration value for six different types of soapgelled greases. Another method of working.


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