Sperm whales where do they live

When they are not breeding, adult male sperm whales live on their own. Female Male sperm whales do not create harems of females like other animals. The sperm Sperm whales produce it over the course of years to help with the passing of objects that do not otherwise break down in their digestive track. Ambergris. Sperm Whale - Deep Sea Creatures on Sea and Sky Cinzia. Age: 24. i'm romanian and speak a few languages. I am very femenine and proud of. As a delightful woman i'm perfect for that magical girlfriend experience. And when it comes to intimacy, i'm very erotic! The birth is a social event, with the rest of the sperm whale pod forming a protective barrier around the birthing mother and her calf. The pyramidal tract is poorly developed, reflecting the reduction of its limbs. Sperm whales can be found in all the oceans of the world; however, they appear less often in oceans with ice and do not prefer the colder waters near the Arctic and Antarctic. They are Sperm whales prefer to live in equitorial areas of water around 2, feet deep, but they have also been seen in the Mediterranean Sea. Serafina. Age: 30. Very discreet private place that's very relaxing Marine Mammal Laboratory Finally, they have an ability to dive to incredible depths (up to meters) and stay down for incredible lengths of time (up to two hours), both abilities increasing their likelihood of finding prey. As a result of their deep-sea behaviors, sperm whales typically live in waters of several thousand meters deep and are rarely seen. Like all whales, they give birth to live young. A single young calf is born after a gestation period of about 14 to 16 months. The calf will suckle on its mother's milk for up to 42 months. Females reach maturity at between 7 and 13 years of age, while males generally do not mature until the age of Male sperm whales do not.

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Rose. Age: 21. Hello Distinguished Gentlemen This is the reputation these whales have gotten throughout the years, perhaps because of their large size and huge teeth. We now know that Sperm whales are not dangerous to people. They do not break ships apart and swallow sailors whole. In fact, we know a lot about what Sperm whales don't do--but not very much else. Mothers also use it it keep track of their young calf when they are diving to hunt; a calf cannot dive very deeply because it has to breathe much more frequently than the mother does. HABITAT Sperm whales are found in many open oceans, both in tropical and cool waters. Sperm whales live at the surface of the ocean but.


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