Functions of the anus

The rectum and anus are the final stages of the digestive tract. The rectum is the last straight section of the large intestine before reaching the anus. The anus is the opening at the lower end of the digestive tract that controls the expulsion of feces. Read on to learn more about the rectum and anus, and their role in digestion. Digestive System | Cleveland Clinic Lorenza. Age: 24. I am the girl to make you relax, tease and please and with all the beauty and brains! In biology, cancer refers to the uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body. Jump to The colon, rectum, and anus - The role of the lower GI tract is to solidify the waste product (by absorbing water), store the waste product until it can be evacuated (going to the bathroom) and help with the evacuation process. The large intestine (colon) has four parts: ascending colon,; transverse colon. Aletta. Age: 25. Treat yourself, enjoy some relaxation The Digestion Process (Organs and Functions) Jump to Function - Function. The function of the anus is to transmit faeces from the rectum to the external environment. Anal sphincters give control over the regularity of defeaction, and this may be consciously controlled in some species. The anal canal lubricates the passage of faeces. Jan 20, - What is Anal Canal? It is the last section of the large intestine. It is the last spot where stools pass through before finally exiting the body. Anal Canal Location Picture 1 - Anal Canal It is located in a position between the rectum and the anus, under the level of the pelvic diaphragm. It is situated in the anal.

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Kenzi. Age: 30. i enjoy catering to upscale respect and discreet serious gentleman Macroscopic Anatomy. Zones. The anal canal is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. It is about 3 to 4 cm long and lies completely extraperitoneally. It begins at the anorectal junction distally from the perineal flexure and ends at the anus. Anal canal - ventral view. The anal canal may be subdivided into the columnar. The large intestine performs the vital functions of converting food into feces, in many animals, anus is.


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